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About Dwaine Clarke

What motivates me? What's my Why?

  • Family, Legacy, Personal and Financial Freedom, Superb health, Contribution and Long Lasting Relationships
  • I'm looking to help and inspire others achieve their Why

Short Business Background

I always had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur. I started several small businesses like a domain name brokerage, web hosting company and direct response marketing company. My passion was always real estate but it took me a few years to decide on a niche. While attending several real estate conferences I decided to start in residential real estate. While in the process of learning different investing strategies I also decided to get my license and become an agent. I specialized in brokering small residential properties to investors seeing it as a great way to learn and a way to get into the investing side of the business. After meeting a client that owned several large properties that included a Walgreens Pharmacy I decided to transition into commercial real estate brokerage focusing on Single Tenant Net Lease properties. GCT Commercial Services, now American Net Lease was born. Over the course of 9 years we have been fortunate to amass over $500 million in sales, selling properties of many top brands in over 40 states.

Real Estate Background

With the success of our commercial brokerage and helping a lot of our clients find great investment properties we also wanted to be apart of it and enjoy the benefits like cash flow, tax benefits and passive income. We shortly started partnering with some of our clients to buy and own large deals like medical office, industrial, retail and mixed use. With the popularity growing among the investors we decided to form Essential Realty Capital to acquire Necessity-based commercial real estate like large Apartments Communities, Retail, Industrial, Medical Office, Self Storage and other assets. 

Interesting Facts about Dwaine

  • Former College Basketball player
  • Love to workout, practice martial arts, and studying anything about biohacking
  • Proud resident of Southwest Florida but originally from Connecticut 
  • Time management and systems enthusiast
  • Love to travel Internationally, typically annually (have been to: Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and Serbia)
  • Favorite books is Winning through Intimidation, Think and Grow Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Received his academic degree from American International College in Business and Computer Information Systems.
  • Hobbies include: Fishing, Golfing, walking trails and hanging out with friends and family
  • Started the Wealth through Real Estate Investing Podcast available on all networks


Dwaine Clarke has written 3 books over the course of his investing and business career. Using his years of investing experience and knowledge, Dwaine Clarke shares many of his investing thoughts and strategies on a variety of topics. Most of the books cover a different aspect of investing and address strategies about active and passive investments.

Available on Amazon & BN

Available on Amazon & BN

Available on Amazon & BN